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May the moon follow you home.

from My Notes

A list poem

Thoughts when I was little – Babies are the size of a peanut when they are born.Erasers are made up of cottage cheese or can be vice versa.Writing an exam with that lucky pen will get me good grades.The only thing that grows shorter is a pencil.Stars have the shape of a star.The moon is…

When tomorrow comes, I shall miss today.

It is only human to miss, to miss past memories, but the memories to come? I miss all those things I haven’t experienced in life yet, the memories to live yet. There is this feeling I have, keeping me at the edge for the things in store, hence I miss. I am waiting for life…


Reading her was not difficult, her face spoke her feelings bright yellow. It was in the way she parted her lips to sigh, the way muscles of her jaw tightened, like something had exploded within and she was trying to contain. The way she pulled strands of hair behind her ear, the way her nose…

A fancy funeral.

A friend and I would have conversations about how we’d want our funeral to be and what we’d want engraved on our tombstone.

Gone for good ?

Some people leave, with so many unanswered questions.Oh we wish they left with answers to hold on to when memories gushed like waves hitting the rocks.But when there is nobody to answer your questions, you only have you. So you choose an answer most wise, and feed your soul with what helps you thrive the…

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